I have an eye for key moments and a love for dramatic compositions. 

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Indiana born, Texas raised, and currently living in Avon, Connecticut. Before my current role as a high school teacher, I was an award-winning photojournalist for the Tufts Daily, the student-run independent newspaper for which I was the production director and executive photo editor.

I offer affordable portrait packages, intimate yet non-intrusive editorial and event photography, professional sports coverage, and just about whatever else you'd like me to shoot. I seek to highlight the emotion in everything I photograph. I'm consistent.

I am currently represented by ZUMA Press and I am a member of Nikon Professional Services.

Selected clients:


  • First prize, sports, BPPA 2016 College Contest

  • Honorable mention, news, BPPA 2016 College Contest

  • Second and third honorable mention, sports photo, BPPA 2015 College Contest

  • Third prize, travel photography, Iowa State Fair 2017